Mar 01

We need your help for Brain Awareness Week!

BMetacognitionrain Awareness Week is in less than two weeks! A week to celebrate the brain, organized by Society for Neuroscience and Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. Some institutions celebrate by bringing in K-12 students to learn about the brain, first-hand from brain researchers. Others celebrate the week with exhibits and lectures on the brain. It is all about engaging and connecting with the community on the importance of brain knowledge and research.  Here at Communicatalyst, we need your help to celebrate science communication about the brain during Brain Awareness Week!

Part of effective science communication is practice! What better time to practice than during Brain Awareness week? From March 13th-17th, we will feature posts written by science communicators (that’s you) on topics relating to the brain. These topics can be anything that is of interest to you– plasticity, memory, hearing, vision, movement, addiction, decision-making, etc. If this sounds like something you want practice with or enjoy doing – reach out to us! You can be a PI, post-doc, graduate student, undergraduate student, high school student, science enthusiast – we want to hear from you!


By Thursday March 9th, email/tweet (direct message -@Neuro_Meg or @allison_coffin) us a short, 500 word or fewer piece on the importance and significance of your research or brain topic of interest. This should be written for a broad, non-scientific audience. We’ll read over your piece, do some basic editing, and let you see the final product before it goes live on Communicatalyst. If we get more than 5 pieces, we’ll feature more pieces each day or continuing to post until we feature all of them!

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