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Mar 06

Science communication is integral to science activism

By Megan Slaker Edited by Alexandria Camino   Science is at the core of a number of important policy decisions being made and discussed. Science communication is critical for raising concerns and making impactful (and beneficial) policy. While it is easy for us as scientists to be frustrated with what is occurring in politics, it …

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Mar 01

We need your help for Brain Awareness Week!


Brain Awareness Week is in less than two weeks! A week to celebrate the brain, organized by Society for Neuroscience and Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. Some institutions celebrate by bringing in K-12 students to learn about the brain, first-hand from brain researchers. Others celebrate the week with exhibits and lectures on the brain. It …

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Jan 30

Feed Back to Head Forward


Written by Megan Slaker Edits by Alexandria Camino “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” –Bill Gates Feedback is necessary for improvement on any task, whether learning a new skill, clarifying our understandings of a concept, or presenting a talk. Think of a task you do regularly. Feedback will …

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May 27

Communication Around the Globe: World Science Festival and Pint of Science

Here at Communicatalyst, we look at science communication from multiple perspectives – communicating with policy-makers, students, interested lay audiences, and each other! World Science Week touches all of these audiences, with sessions for kids and teens, broad-interest sessions on science in the movies, and “deep dives” that take a closer look at major scientific advances …

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May 10

Lost in Translation

translation pic1

Janine Castro, Geomorphologist, USFWS & NMFS, Portland, Oregon I am sitting in an oversized chair in a hotel conference room in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It looks pretty much like any other conference room, in any other hotel, in any other city. I am part of a team of instructors that are providing bank erosion and …

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Dec 03

Getting an early start

I just read a great Science Careers blog post by graduate student Kevin Boehnke, encouraging his fellow grad students (and the rest of us!) to engage more with the public.  Obviously, I’ve been harping on this point for years (hence the purpose of this blog!), and I think Kevin does a great job advocating for …

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Sep 03

At the starting block

You’re standing at the lectern, ready to deliver the opening lines of your talk. What do you say first? If this is a conference talk, chances are you start by thanking the organizers for inviting you to speak, then the audience…or if it’s a seminar, you might start with how happy you are to be …

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