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Apr 11

Fame and Fortune: Communication and FameLab

By Nicholas Rolig, Washington State Vancouver Neuroscience Student In academia, communication is an essential part of all fields. Whether it’s a historian giving a talk about the latest archeological findings, a physicist discussing new theories, or a neuroscientist explaining her auditory research, communication is seen everywhere. After the complexity of the subject matter(s) is removed, …

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Apr 07

Allison Coffin wins Audience Choice award at the US FameLab Finals!

Famelab 2014 finals pic1

Thanks to everyone who supported me Saturday evening in the US FameLab finals! All of the contestants did a great job and we had tons of fun.  Congratulations to winner Lyl Tomlinson from Stony Brook University and best of luck at the Cheltenham Science Festival! If you missed the competition, click here to watch the …

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Mar 28

Off to the U.S. FameLab finals!

I’m about to embark on an amazing science communication experience – competing in the U.S. FameLab Finals!  FameLab is a science communication competition (see my previous blog post) where contestants get 3 minutes and no slides to share our message. The finals are Saturday, April 5th at National Geographic in D.C. Locals, come by and …

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Feb 04

My FameLab Speech

I’ve spent the last month or so writing about my experience in the San Francisco FameLab science communication competition. Now it’s time to show you the goods-NASA (the contest organizer) just released the contestant videos.  My intention was to entertain, with a bit of real science content (information) presented along the way. What do you …

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Jan 03

The 4th C

by Andrea for Last post I mentioned the 3 C’s of communication: content, clarity, and charisma.  It turns out there’s a fourth C: coat. At the morning competition for FameLab San Francisco, one contestant chose to wear his coat while he delivered his speech.  It was a nice coat – new, neutral color, and …

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Dec 23

Sailing the C’s of Science Communication

Image modified from A good public talk about science should both inform and entertain (in my opinion, anyscientific talk should do both!). At FameLab, with three minutes and no PowerPoint crutch, contestants seek the right balance of information and fun.  The judging criteria really hit this balance using the three C’s of science communication: …

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Dec 16

FameLab: share your science in 3 minutes or less

Last week I competed in FameLab USA, a science communication contest sponsored by NASA and National Geographic.  Each contestant gets 3 minutes, and only 3 minutes, to talk about research that interests them.  No powerpoint, no graphs, just you, maybe a basic prop, and the audience. Competing in FameLab was a fantastic experience!  I placed …

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