Monthly Archive: February 2017

Feb 08

How to Prepare for an Elevator Speech


By Erin Cooper, Washington State University Vancouver Neuroscience student You dodge behind a corner and peek around it, keeping your gaze on your target. He has got away from you twice today. You see your chance to make your move towards him and dart out, yet try to remain cool in appearance. Then all of …

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Feb 07

Why the debate on Autism and Vaccines remains a Controversy…

Vaccine Controversy Word Cloud

By Laura Kays, Washington State University Vancouver Neuroscience student A famous study by Andrew Wakefield sparked the debate regarding autism and vaccines between researchers and parents of autistic children. The study investigated an association between the onset of behavioral symptoms reported by parents and administration of the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine. The study …

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Feb 04

Hash Tags & Retweets: How Social Media Impacts the Vaccine-Autism Controversy


By Imee Williams, Washington State University Vancouver Neuroscience student Vaccines continue to be a controversial public health issue. There have been numerous studies that have supported no causation between vaccines and autism (i.e. Honda et al., Jain et al., and Verstraeten et al.), yet many individuals and families continue to question the safety of vaccines. …

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