Monthly Archive: April 2014

Apr 21

Shining in the Spotlight


By Aleksandra Tsytsyn, Neuroscience Student at Washington State University Vancouver It is time. You are summoned up to the stage. You clutch your notecards within your sweaty palms as you slowly make your way up. You turn towards the sea of faces, and all you can do is stand there in the moment of horror. …

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Apr 14

Courtroom Mind “Reading”


By Lyndon Lewis, Neuroscience Student at Washington State University If you could have any one super power what would it be? Most people might choose superhuman strength, time travel, telepathy, being invincible or even immortality. If you chose telepathy however, you might regret your choice. As time progresses, neuroscientists are making significant advances in being …

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Apr 11

Fame and Fortune: Communication and FameLab

By Nicholas Rolig, Washington State Vancouver Neuroscience Student In academia, communication is an essential part of all fields. Whether it’s a historian giving a talk about the latest archeological findings, a physicist discussing new theories, or a neuroscientist explaining her auditory research, communication is seen everywhere. After the complexity of the subject matter(s) is removed, …

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Apr 07

Allison Coffin wins Audience Choice award at the US FameLab Finals!

Famelab 2014 finals pic1

Thanks to everyone who supported me Saturday evening in the US FameLab finals! All of the contestants did a great job and we had tons of fun.  Congratulations to winner Lyl Tomlinson from Stony Brook University and best of luck at the Cheltenham Science Festival! If you missed the competition, click here to watch the …

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