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There’s a revolution in science right now…the idea that scientists should sometimes leave the lab and talk about what we do, and why we do it, to real people. This site is dedicated to helping scientists learn why we should do this, and how to actually talk about science with non-scientists – and with each other!


Want to improve your science communication skills, network with other science communicators, and have fun? Register for Science Talk NW, a science communication contest January 26-27, 2017, at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Featured speakers include Jorge Cham (PhD Comics), Nancy Baron (COMPASS Online), and Kiki Sanford (This Week in Science).

I  teach science communication workshops.   Some of my upcoming workshops are listed below. Please contact me if you are interested in arranging a workshop for your group.

Workshop schedule

11/21/16 Communicate Your Science, Camas High School

February 2017 (exact date TBA) Communicate Your Science, Association for Research in Otolaryngology mid-winter meeting, Baltimore, MD

3/12/15 Ready, Set, Speak!  Communicate your Science, Washington State University Spokane


Speaking schedule

2/9/15 Knowles Hearing Center, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (research talk)

2/11/15 Science on Tap, Kiggins Theater, Vancouver, WA (public talk)

3/11/15 Center for Environmental Research, Education, and Outreach, Washington State University, Pullman, WA (research talk)

3/28/15 Society for Neuroscience, Oregon Chapter, McMenamins Edgefield, OR (research talk)

4/30/15 University of Colorado Medical School, Aurora, CO (research talk)

5/17/15 American Association of University Women awards event, Washington State University, Vancouver, WA (keynote address)

11/7/15 Joint PeaceHealth Southwest and Washington State University conference on communication in medicine, Vancouver, WA (research talk)

2/21/16 Association for Research in Otolaryngology mid-winter meeting, San Diego, CA (research talk)





Feed Back to Head Forward

Written by Megan Slaker Edits by Alexandria Camino “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” –Bill Gates Feedback is necessary for improvement on any task, whether learning a new skill, clarifying our understandings of a concept, or presenting a talk. Think of a task you do regularly. Feedback will …

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The Whole Universe is Diverse

By Megan Slaker; Edited by Alexandria Camino   Nine years ago, a group of friends and I watched the first episode of the TV show, The Big Bang Theory. We enjoyed the quirky humor of four socially-awkward scientists as they learned to interact with the world. Every week, we bonded over an understanding of the …

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